Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DAY 2!!

WOW!  Yesterday was great...but today was AWESOME!!  The kids remembered all of our rules and procedures from yesterday and learned even more today!!

Today I introduced 4 math tubs!  The students were able to explore with them at their tables!  It was a big hit!!

Teddy bears used for sorting, making patterns and so much more!

Pattern blocks are lots of fun!!

Who knew you could learn with buttons?!

Cubes are definitely a favorite among kindergarteners!

All in all it was a really super day! :)


  1. Loved seeing the pics. Especially Reece. I knew who she was b.c Hayden said she had a big pink bow and a pretty rainbow shirt. I think he has a crush.

  2. Thank you for the daily updates--LOVE THEM and LOVE the photos! Looking forward to a great year!

  3. Love the pictures and updates!! Thank you for posting these for us! Great looking class!